Helen Solomon
Senior Partner

Operations Practice Head, Research & Development Lead

With extensive experience in productivity enhancement and operational excellence, Helen is our go-to expert for streamlining business processes and maximizing efficiency.

Herbert Thuo
Senior Partner

Business Planning & Investment Readiness Practice Head, Product Development & Fit Lead

Herbert brings over 14 years of experience in business strategy and investment readiness, specializing in supporting SMEs, startups, and family businesses in achieving sustainable growth.

Amity Weiss
Senior Partner, Ethiopia Managing Partner

Commercialization Practice Head, Professional Development Lead

Amity is passionate about driving market-informed strategies and fostering strong teams to create tangible value for businesses across various industries.

Michelle Wanja
Senior Partner

Marketing Practice Head, ESG Lead

Michelle is an accomplished marketing strategist with a focus on sustainability, leveraging her expertise to reshape narratives and drive positive change in the African business environment.

Anjana Silveira
Senior Partner

Logistics & Supply Chain Practice Head, Logistics Research Lead

With over 13 years of experience in logistics and freight forwarding, Anjana is dedicated to helping companies optimize their supply chain operations and achieve greater efficiency.

Samrawit Tadesse
Junior Partner

Ethiopia Storytelling & Professional Development Focal Point, Ethiopia Research Lead

Samrawit is instrumental in driving professional development initiatives and conducting research to support our clients' needs in the Ethiopian market.

Yonas Efrem
Senior Associate

Ethiopia Commercialization Focal Point, Ethiopia Business Development & Networking Lead

Yonas plays a key role in driving commercialization strategies and fostering partnerships to support business growth in Ethiopia.